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Protecting privacy is not a new endeavor for the people at BancBridge.  The banking technology experience of our personnel make us very familiar with the long-standing tradition and laws of recognizing and protecting private financial and customer information.

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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement describes and explains the practice of information collection via the CPanel technology. Any information that we collect from you is used to help us to improve our service to existing and potential customers, partners, and you.

If you tell us that you do not want us to use this information as a basis for further contact with you, we will respect your wishes. Just send an email stating this to We do keep track of the domains from which people visit us. We analyze this data for trends and statistics, and then we discard it.

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BancBridge collects personal information on a voluntary basis only. When you use forms at this web site you may be asked to submit personal information, such as your name, company name and address, email address and telephone number. You may also be asked for further information such as industry type, business environment and other information about your company. You do not have to submit such personal information in order to gain access to the BancBridge web site. However, if you do submit personal information of any kind, you agree thereby to us storing and using it according to the following conditions:

Any personal information that you do submit will be kept and treated as confidential and will only be used by BancBridge for internal and commercial purposes. BancBridge will not sell, rent, lease, or give away your personal information to others.

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At certain instances at this BancBridge web site, you may choose to give us your email address. This address will be treated as personal information (see above) and will be used solely as a means for us to contact you.

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A cookie is an element of data that a web site sends to your browser, and which might be stored on your system. The only personal information a cookie can contain and retain is information that you supply yourself. We use cookies for statistical purposes only. BancBridge does not store any personal information through cookies.

BancBridge has implemented appropriate procedures to protect this web site against the unauthorized use, loss or alteration of information under our control.

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BancBridge Customer Information Privacy Statement
BancBridge does not sell products or services directly to individual consumers or businesses, but instead is a Technology Services Provider (TSP or “Third Party Provider”) to various financial institutions, treasury application vendors and data aggregators.   As a normal part of these services, it is necessary for BancBridge Corporation to record, store, process, transmit, and otherwise handle personally identifiable information (hereafter referred to as “private information”) about individual clients.  In the course if its business BancBridge has established appropriate control to ensure that “private information” is disclosed only to those who have a legitimate business need for such access.   BancBridge records, stores, processes, transmits and otherwise handles “private information” as contractually directed by its customers.   BancBridge exclusively provides such “private information” ” to the customer who owns the information, the customer’s users/consumers or an BancBridge affiliated third party (except as specifically required by law or Federal, State, or Local agencies with pertinent jurisdiction).
BancBridge will make every reasonable effort to comply with privacy provisions of all pertinent laws and regulations.
Company Intentions And Management Responsibilities
Intentions And Objectives—BancBridge takes privacy issues seriously and provides fair, secure, and legally compliant systems for the appropriate handling of Private Information.  All such activities at BancBridge Corporation are intended to be consistent with both generally accepted privacy ethics and standard business practices.
Management Responsibilities— Management must make reasonable efforts so that all Private Information is used only as intended, and that precautions preventing misuse are both effective and appropriate. Management is responsible for establishing appropriate controls to ensure that Private Information is disclosed only to those who have a legitimate business need for such access.  
Data Classification Labels—Management must insure that Private Information is consistently labeled to appropriately reflect its level of confidentiality.
Appropriate Handling Of Private Information
Retention and Destruction of Private Information:  Private Information is retained as contractually or legally required.   When Private Information is no longer needed, it must be returned to the discloser, or destroyed by shredding, or by other destruction methods approved by the Security department. Destruction of Private Information resident on computer disks and other magnetic media must be accomplished with an overwriting process.   To assure the proper destruction of Private Information, disposal of computers with embedded hard disk drives or other data storage systems must proceed according to procedures issued by Security.
Removal of Private Information:  Every BancBridge employee is required to review and confirm understanding of the BancBridge Customer Information Privacy Policy.    Private Information must not be removed from BancBridge offices unless a departmental manager specifically grants permission.  Private Information must not be moved to another country unless the permission of the manager of the Enterprise Security department is obtained.
Preventing Inadvertent Disclosure on Screens:  The display screens for all personal computers, workstations, and dumb terminals used to process Private Information must be positioned to reasonably minimize viewing through a window, by persons walking by a hallway, or by persons waiting in reception and related areas.  All computers, workstations, and dumb terminals will be logged off, locked, or otherwise protected from unauthorized access or viewing while unattended.
Preventing Inadvertent Disclosure by Hardcopy:  Private Information in Hardcopy format should be conspicuously labeled to indicate the confidential nature of the document.   Whenever an BancBridge employee is handling Private Information, if an unauthorized person enters the immediate area, steps to conceal the information must promptly be taken. If the information is in physical form, the information can be covered with other material. If the information is displayed on a computer screen, the worker can invoke a screen saver or log off.
Private Information and End Users
Consent for Collection Required:  BancBridge does not collect Private Information about End Users.   BancBridge does store Private Information obtained from its Customer’s system of record in order to make it available to End Users.  This information has been previously collected by the Customers who are responsible for warranting that such information is obtained with the knowledge and consent of such End Users.
Change of Business Structure:  Should BancBridge discontinue business operations, merge with or be acquired by another entity, or otherwise change the legal form of its organizational structure, BancBridge may, as part of the process for such event, need to share Private Information with another entity in order to continue to provide products and services. 
Use Of Outsourcing Organizations:  BancBridge may outsource some or all of its information handling activities, and it may be necessary to provide Private Information to third parties to perform work under an outsourcing agreement. In all such cases, the third parties involved must sign a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from further dissemination of this information and prohibiting them from using this information for unauthorized purposes.
Requests for Private Information
Handling Requests for Private Information — All requests for Private Information that fall outside normal business procedures must be forwarded to the BancBridge General Counsel.
BancBridge Security: BancBridge department responsible for quarterly assessments to insure compliance of Online and Archived Customer Information policies and procedures.
BancBridge Internal Audit: BancBridge department responsible for maintaining audit records that compliance activities are appropriate per BancBridge policies.
BancBridge Security Council:  Owns BancBridge security and privacy policies.