Forms & Workflow for Provisioning New Service Setup
Imagine your sales person closes a deal to offer a client online ACH services.  Rather than filling out forms and waiting two weeks to receive a startup kit, the client receives log-on instructions via email, minutes later. CustomerFlow provides fast, accurate and assured customer setup, automating manual steps and reporting on bottlenecks.   CustomerFlow will allow you to make web forms which will route information to applications such as DDA, wires, account analysis, cash management and will even notify personnel when action is needed or problems encountered.

BancBridge CustomerFlow is a comprehensive, web-based automated workflow system that mirrors your current customer setup procedures.  We don't change what you do, but simply make it electronic and build in time-sensitive procedures and alternative routing to speed up the customer setup process.



• Bottleneck reports

• Automate manual steps

• Time sensitive activities

• Automate Standard Operating Procedures

• Alternative routing for slowed items
• Integrated steps for outside activities

• Modular system with scalability

• Simultaneous activities

• Build in decision making

• Work across in mixed technical    environment