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Interfacing Quickly to Commercial Banks

Your application needs to receive and deliver data with your client's various banks.  Traditionally banks have offered scripting capability with modem/TTY, but these systems are on their way out due to security, speed and support issues.  Some banks replaced the modem with FTP connectivity, charging clients thousands of dollars for it.   However, FTP scripts are simply not interactive. are feature-slim and present problems related to FTP variations and firewall issues. 

The bank website is generally fast, interactive, free or inexpensive and have universally accepted security.  With TreasuryAgent you can now use the bank's website as the portal for scripting the exchange of data, with significant cost savings to clients.

TreasuryAgent has powerful, yet simple APIs available to quickly and inexpensively integrate with your application or ASP service.  Gathering BAI files, intraday reports and uploading payment files using TreasuryAgent with client bank websites has been performed in as little as seven seconds in tests of up to 100 concurrent sessions. 

With TreasuryAgent your clients will pay lower fees:

          Banks charge from $60 to $400/month/bank for FTP and modem/TTY.

          Costs associated with websites are nominal or free.

          TreasuryAgent offers client savings of $2,400/bank/year or more.


TreasuryAgent automates bank website services such as: 

          Prior day, intraday reports

          Account reconciliation

          Remittance processing

          Payments (ACH, SWIFT, FedWire, Book Transfers)


          Check services; Positive pay, STOPs, images and controlled disburse

          Securities, trading, loans, investments

          Trade finance.



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