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Automated Connectivity with Bank Websites

TreasuryAgent presents corporate treasurers with a simple tool to automatically up/download data between your bank and your financial systems.  TreasuryAgent allows you to set up automated tasks and to schedule, monitor, send and receive your reports, files and transactions automatically.

Imagine coming into the office and seeing your favorite bank reports already sitting in your printer tray or email inbox?  Tired of logging onto your bank's cash management website to upload positive pay issues or to look for exception items?  Maybe you would like TreasuryAgent to automatically check your bank website every 30 minutes for wires over $1,000,000, sending you a secure email when the event occurs.

TreasuryAgent works with your bank's inexpensive, powerful and interactive cash management website, a very low-cost alternative to modem, FTP or aggregation services. 

No technical assistance needed!  TreasuryAgent contains lists of upload or download features available on your bank's cash management website.  You simply select tasks and schedules and forget about TreasuryAgent.  When a task is ready to execute, TreasuryAgent logs onto the website and carries out your instructions.  TreasuryAgent is also fast:  BAI files will be securely downloaded in as quickly as 7 seconds.  TreasuryAgent uses the bank’s current web-based cash management system. 

TreasuryAgent, Uses Your Banks' Website to:

          Perform banking functions without human intervention.

          Create scheduled or monitor tasks.

          Cut Costs by $40 to $400/Month/Bank

          Receive notification of events, such as inbound wire or failed placement of a STOP.

          Receive urgent or “pushed” data from the bank, such as Positive Pay Exceptions or inbound wires. 

TreasuryAgent Can Be Used for Services Such As:

          Transaction reporting

          Sweep accounts

          Account reconciliation

          Remittance processing.

          Payments (ACH, SWIFT, FedWire, Book Transfers)

          Exception Items

          Check services, such as controlled disbursements, STOPs and image requests

          Trading, loans, investments

          Trade finance



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