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Automated connectivity with bank website

Your bank faces a challenge--you need to offer your business clients unattended file transfer but modems are insecure, slow and expensive.  Making and maintaining an alternate portal, such as FTP, is a deployment and management headache for both you and your corporate clients.

Alternatively, your premier portal, the cash management website, is real-time, interactive, fast, is simple to use and has universally accepted security.  The drawback?  The website requires a person to interact with it.

BancBridge has created simple client-side software containing XML forms that automate any function currently available on your bank cash management website.  BancBridge TreasuryAgent will up/download data, reports and initiate transactions with your website in unattended mode. 

TreasuryAgent works with the bank’s current web-based cash management system, eliminating technology changes.  In a few weeks, you can be offering unattended file transfer. 

"Our clients take 15 days connect to our FTP solution but can install and run TreasuryAgent in just minutes."  

                                                         Product Manager, Top Five U.S. Bank


With TreasuryAgent, your clients use your website to:

          Perform banking functions without human intervention.

          Create scheduled events.

          Receive notification of events, such as inbound wire or failed placement of a STOP.

          Receive urgent or “pushed” data from the bank, such as Positive Pay Exceptions. 


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